To interpret, enforce and explain the law is what we do best.


The knowledge of the laws as well as of the contracts’ and litigation’s dynamics enables us to give the proper legal advice for the relevant economic circumstances. Throughout these years we have been working for all sort of enterprises as well as for important international groups (>USD 5billion turnover).

Strategic Planning

Complex corporate and real-estate operations and tax and settlement solutions are conceived and got to a profitable closing by P&P.In 2017 only, we have assisted our clients in extraordinary operations worth more than 34 million Euros.


Every day we train the people who ask for our help in being informed and understand applicable laws both individually and by the means of collective workshops. Our presence in the business facilities, where we illustrate the best solutions to the daily issues, is by itself a training enrichment to clients.

Legal Defence

We are convinced that, only thanks to the deep knowledge of the civil trial, citizens’ demand  of protection can be achieved by the means of the necessary contractual, litigation or settlement instruments. In 2017 only, we have been representing our clients’ interests for complessive values higher than 120 million Euros before Italian and foreign judicial and arbitral courts.